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Southern India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India
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Apr 2019
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Brief Profile of

Chairman, SIRC of ICAI

CA. D. Prasanna Kumar, born in 1960 from Tirutani in Tamil Nadu He had started his collegiate education in Bachelor of Zoology and took up the Chartered Accountancy Course and became an Associate Member of the Institute in the year 1985 and became a Fellow Member in the year 1990.

His leadership qualities goes back to his early school days where he was the School Pupil’s Leader and then on he has been occupying several positions in the affairs of the Institute at SICASA, Branch and Regional Level. After becoming a Chartered Accountant, he moved to Visakhapatnam to pursue his career and practicing in Visakhapatnam.

During his student days in the CA Course, he had occupied the position of Secretary and Vice-Chairman of the Southern India Chartered Accountants Students’ Association in the early 80’s and made significant contribution to the students’ fraternity. He occupied all the positions in the Visakhapatnam Branch as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Chairman and as Chairman of the Branch during the years 1998-2001 during his Chairmanship the Visakhapatnam Branch received the Best Branch Award for the first time. He later on became a Member of the Southern India Regional Council from the year 2007. In the year 2007-08, he was the Secretary of SIRC and became Vice-Chairman during the year 2012-13 and presently the Chairman of SIRC.

He is a keen follower of sports. CA. D. Prasanna Kumar himself is trained in many sports and a volleyball player. He held numerous positions in the sports field such as –

Treasurer, 4th Asian Youth Volleyball Championship – 2003
Manager, Indian Volleyball Team at Doha in Qatar in the year 2003
Manager, AP Women Volleyball Team at Singapore in the year 2004
Treasurer, 13th World Youth Volleyball Championship in the year 2005

He is at present occupying the positions as -

Treasurer, Visakhapatnam District Basketball Assocaition
Executive Vice-President, Roller Skating Association of Andhra Pradesh
Treasurer, Roller Skating Federation of India
Trustee, Sivanthi Adityan Sports Foundation.

He is blessed with a son and a daughter. His wife is a homemaker and a Sports Woman in her college days, his daughter a MS (Electronics) from New York University and his son is a Chartered Accountant.